Monday, 14 April 2014

How To Dress: Smart Casual

Referring to my previous post, I thought I'd complete the 'smart casual' look. It's pretty much the same principal in terms of colours; keep the colours simple, and vary what you wear.

Keep It Plain and Simple

The best thing to do is keep the colours down low, thinking about what top you're wearing with it. The choice of what you're planning to wear becomes easy when your 'smart' clothes consist of paler colours; everything can match. Here, I've added a few images of what I mean:

Don't Just Think Dark!

I don't want it to come across that the only colours you should be wearing are blues, greys and browns etc. As long as it's kept less bright, or even fluorescent, it'll still look great. It's good to broaden your range of clothing colours, rather than keeping to your blacks, whites and navy blues. However, I'd keep to your darker shades when in the work place (with white/cream being an exception), as you may get some funny looks if you parade into your office wearing an olive-green blazer and salmon shirt!

Classy Nights Out 

There's so many things you can wear for a night out; here's where you can vary your colour ways. Introduce the occasional bright red or blue, especially as it's heading towards summer, build up those lighter colours so you're looking summery. A night out is also somewhere you can dress without having to wear a tie, or any other neck-wear. Keep it casual, but also let people know you can dress. 


Whether you're working at an office, or in a design studio, there are always trends adaptable. Of course, jobs with a creative aspect requires less of a smart dress code compared to a business office. Formal dress will require darker shades, commonly the done-up shirt and blazer/jacket, your average tailored black trousers and smart black brogues. If however, you're not feeling that dress code, vary it! Switch those black brogues to leather loafers, and mix it up. Here's some examples:

Again, I'll leave you with some links to various clothes this style.

-Premium Brands-

Brand of the week:

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Monday, 7 April 2014

The Plain, Formal T-Shirt

Right, so I thought I'd make a new posts every Monday, as we all know how boring they can be. I won't be making these posts too long, as I know it'll become boring. There's literally thousands of things I could talk about, so I guess I'll start with something simple. 

The Formal T-shirt

Everybody wears T-shirts, yes? There's a hell of a lot of them out there, with just about every colour you can think of. It's getting the right combination of T-shirt with everything else which is what makes it all work. Depending on where you are, or what you're doing, there's always a right style of T-shirt to wear. 

If for instance you were planning to go to an occasion of some sort, it's the formality that matters most - it's best to wear more monotone colours i.e. grey's, blue's, brown's etc. With more of a plain feel to it, they're in essence more 'wearable' with different things, as there's not much depth to them. If you want to keep that classy-man appearance, go with the plain & simple; it'll always work, I assure you. 

Combining T-shirts with denim jackets is common if you're going for a smart-casual theme. However, wearing a simple blazer has grown to be more popular when wearing with a T-shirt. Wearing a blazer is always going to look smart, so save your best ones for when it really matters.

Avoid bright colours/designs! Things like prints on your T-shirts decrease the professionalism in your appearance. I've learnt this from wearing them - I thought I looked cool wearing a multicoloured 'aztec disarray' of spikes and swirls, all to find in actual fact, I didn't fit in with a so called 'black tie' event (I'm not saying it's good to fit in at all, wear original stuff!). Take a look at the image below; you'll see some of the things I'm talking about:

(source - FashionBeans)

Note how everything else they're wearing matches their T-shirt. As well as this, they all look 'the part', no matter how light or dark the shade of colour is, you can manage to make it work. I've added in a few links below to some affordable, and some designer T-shirts:

Lower Price Range:

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2) French Connection V Neck T-shirt

3) ASOS Metallic Jersey T-shirt

Upper Price Range:


1) Reiss Short Sleeve Fleck T-Shirt

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3) YMC T-Shirt With Pocket

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

An Introduction

-This is an introduction about myself, before I start writing in a professional format-

There are many things out there which present how you're 'supposed' to dress. At the end of the day, it really isn't an issue with anyone on how to dress; it's preference that deducts the way we as people are presented to others. Apprehensively, deciding to write this I have somewhat managed to incorporate a difference to what the world expects to see written down in front of their eyes. 

I really love combining different styles into one, leaving a classy yet stylish look. Of course, dressing so called 'classy' isn't it - there are many other ways in which you can make what you wear work, in any situation. 

Some of my favourite things I shop for include smart shoes; i'd never be the one to miss out on a 50% pair of winchester brogues when I get the chance. On the contrary, I also love shopping for the freshest new trainers I can get my hands on. Wearing the right shoes is a big part of what you wear, and without a doubt will improve your look. 

This blog will describe and explain some of the best current styles, whatever you're looking for: the 'classy' man, sport, casual, 'suited and booted', as well as other alternate 'look book' styles such as 'the fisherman' etc (inspired by Not only that, but I will share with you bunch of links every week to the best deals currently, and exactly where to get your ultimate wardrobe collection from. 

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy the upcoming content.